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My name is Saowarat Mathongchai. In 1998 I started my first matchmaking service and from there we have grown to were we are today. Thaislove specializes in matchmaking between Thailand and several European countries. You and your future Thai love will be guided by us based on those 15 years of experience.

Because of these years of experience we can offer you a complete package. This package consists of the following services: correspondence, translation, guidance and planning for arranging travels and visas. We do everything to make sure and even guarantee you will find your partner via Thaislove.com.

We have made the website as convenient to use as possible, to ensure you can find the right information as fast as possible. You can for example find our newsletter on the page contact, the most frequently asked questions under FAQ, the women under women, success stories under testimonials and our contact data and possibilities to follow us on social media under contact and on the bar at the bottom of the welcome page. In case you wish to leave a comment you can send it to use via the form on the page contact. We would very much like to hear what you have to say.

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