Testimonials Thai matchmaking

Peter & Chonticha

My name is Peter and my girlfriend is Chonticha. After long hesitation I contacted Soawarat by mail and the next day I received responses and explained the process to be a member at her company.

I was invited for an exploratory interview in the Netherlands. I was very well treat in a family atmosphere and got all my questions comprehensive answer.
I drew up my profile and Soawarat has me using my profile immediately matching with Chonticha. Both our character, appearance and was immediately match.

We got to know each other by chatting with each other, and I traveled to Thailand after several weeks where Saowarat had beenhelping me.

We are the same evening the three of usgo out to eat and it was love at the first sign.

 I had been with Chonticha in Thailand and know the culture, the food and sights.
In the period that I was we're all converged at Chonticha and we can not live without each other.

We found each other through Saowarat for life. After six weeks I have traveled back with Chonticha and her family to celebrate New Year.
We are both very happy that we found each other in this way, because we are very happy together.

I have my girlfriend invited to stay with me in Belgium for 3 month( in 2017) so CHonthicha can learn about my culture and my family. I especially want to thank Soawarat again, everything was a perfection arranged for the trip from Belgium - Thaïland.  She helping me also in Thailand and everything was a good service.
Now Saowarat helping Chonticha for arrange a visa to Belgium.
I consider Soawarat as a good friend.

Peter and Chonticha


Danny & Somjit

My name is Danny and my wife's name Somjit. We got to know each other through Saowarat of Thaislove.com I first met Som in Thailand (November 2012) I .

After i spoke Approximately half a year with her via webcam Currently Som has been in Belgium one time and she has met my parents, family, friends & Khroe Oua (my teacher Thai) .

16 October 2014 come Som for a month in Belgium. I meanwhile has visited Som two times in Thailand.De last time was for 3 weeks, which we first two weeks in the home of her mother. At the end of the first week we getting marriage.De last week of our holiday we stayed at the Mandarin Hotel in Bangkok for our Honeymoon to celebrate.

I currently follow Thai lesson for advanced students at Thaivlac in Antwerpen.Thank to communicating a lot with Som & the lessons of my teacher Khroe Oua, I had 78% on the exam Thai. Next year, 2015, I'm going to arrange a long stay visa for my wife and we can live together in Belgium Forever with me. We have daily contact via Skype.

We are very happy thank to Saowarat from Thaislove.com


Mat and Tam. Netherlands 21 August 2014

Dear Saowarat (Taan),

In the year 2008, I visited your website and decided to call you for an interview. I was excited about how his method. After a conversation with you, I decided to become a member and start correspondence. I was also followed lessons in Thai language.  

At the end of the year 2008 after correspondence I will meet my dream woman. Saowarat did accompany me from Schiphol to Hua Hin, Thailand. The same day I met Tam and was an immediate click between us. We have talked a lot together and have fun together. In two weeks, I regret to return to the Netherlands.

August 2009, I go back to Thailand to visit Tam again and we're getting married to Thai tradition. It was really fun to make. Along the Thai wedding Saowarat was also in our wedding and we are happy that she was there.

Few months later, Tam comes to the Netherlands to live with me together and 8 months later we got married by law in the Netherlands.

Now we have got two lovely daughters. We are very happy together, thanks saowarat that have brought us together.

Mat and Tam.


Bergen op Zoom Nederland 20 Augustus 2014

Hello Taan,

After a terrible period in my life I'm glad I've put the step to approach to Your company. I had no idea what was waiting for me, but after a conversation with you I was totally excited. You bring me to Thailand and made me the ropes.

Now I have fund a lovely wife , thanks to you. We are in mean time in Thailand (Nov 2013) and in The Netherlands (June 2014) married and we working to permanently get her to Netherlands. I found it very nice that you came to our wedding in Thailand.

I can definitely recommend anyone to call you when they are looking for a Thai partner. In Meanwhile, I still find out about Thai culture, and stand still regularly watch. Amazement I think this will be a while. So Still thank you very much for everything you've done for us.

Greetings Koos and Pornthip.



Frans en Sirilak Hult


I am Frans and my wife is called Sirilak. I had seen the Saowarat advertisement in the Telegraaf several times. I had already been looking for a nice, reliable Asian woman for a while. Eventually I made an appointment in Soest. We had a very pleasant conversation and I looked at photographs of the women. Sirilak was my first choice. I traveled to Thailand with the next trip to meet Sirilak and it was love at first sight.

We did fun things together in the beautiful country of Thailand and I also met her family there. 6 months later Sirilak came to the Netherlands, and 6 months after that we got married. We have a son called Peter, a lovely and healthy child. We are very happy Saorawat has brought us together. We live in Meers (Stein, Limburg). We are very happy together. Thanks again Saowarat.



Wanida en Fob Boers


My name is Wanida and my husband is called Fob. We live in Rotterdam. I registered with Saowarat’s contact person in Thailand. My husband saw me on the website and made an appointment with her. He joined the meeting trip to meet me. We immediately felt a connection. I have introduced him to my family. They thought he was a very nice and kind man.

I went to the Netherlands with him and we married in Rotterdam. Later on, we went on a holiday to Thailand and married before Bhuda. My family and I are very happy about this. We are still together, and I am still very happy with my kind husband.



Jan & Pha Lammers


My name is Jan and my wife is called Pha. Saowarat’s website seemed very reliable. I therefore left my details and I was called to make an appointment for a meeting in person in Soest. Pha was my first choice and I joined the meeting trip to meet her. It was love at first sight! After that we went on a holiday. Pha has shown me a couple of beautiful places in Thailand. It was the best holiday I ever had.

Already after a few months Pha came to the Netherlands and we moved in together. 8 months later we got married in Alkmaar. Pha had her son come over to study in the Netherlands and the three of us are very happy together. All three of us are very happy to have met via Saowarat.



Paul en Nong

I found Saowarat’s website by accident. I had already looked at many dating sites, and this one seemed very reliable to me. I left my details and I was called for a personal meeting. It was a lot of fun to meet Saowarat. I selected 3 women and I started to write the first woman. I joined the meeting trip, but unfortunately I did not connect with the first woman. I then traveled to Khorat with Saowarat to meet another woman. They introduced me to several women, amongst which was Nong, and we immediately liked one another. She already spoke some Dutch back then. It was a fun and romantic holiday.

Nong is a great woman. Before I returned to the Netherlands Saowarat submitted a visa application for Nong to stay in the Netherlands. Once it was approved she immediately traveled to the Netherlands to move in with me. She loves it here and we are very happy together. Thanks Saowarat.



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