All women you will find on our website have been selected and screened by us personally. So women cannot register via the website. The women have come into contact with us by word-of-mouth. They are family members, friends of family members, acquaintances, friends or otherwise connected to people we know personally.

Via the women page you can make a choice. After that you can leave your details for us on via the contact page.


In a short telephone conversation, we will make an appointment with you for an interview. This meeting will take place at our office in Zevenhoven. Here we will explain our methods to you and look at your background, culture, wishes and needs. Based on the information provided by you and in consultation with you, we will already have a first look at which ladies you prefer. In case we are in Thailand the conversation will take place via Skype:


Once everything has been discussed you can decide to make use of Thaislove’s matchmaking service. When you decide to do this, all arrangements for registration will be made. This process consists of filling in your personal profile (registration form) and making photographs and a video. In order to register with Thaislove you need a valid identification document.

First contact

We We will send your personal profile, photographs and video to our contact in Thailand who will introduce you to the lady of your choice.


Once you have gotten to know one another via e-mail, Skype, chat and other means of contact, you can join Thaislove to meet the partner of your dreams in Thailand. We travel to Thailand several times a year to guide our clients. Here we provide guidance to you from our office in Hua-hin. Thaislove will book a non-stop flight to Bangkok for you. The flight to Thailand will take approximately 11 hours.


During your stay in Thailand we will guide you from our office in Hua-hin. We will arrange excursions for you and we will make sure you can do a lot of fun activities with your love. We create the right setting to make the start of your relationship as pleasant as possible. In case there is no spark between you and your potential partner in Thailad, we will continue providing our matchmaking services to you until you have succeeded. We will provide guidance to you up to the moment your love is with you in Belgium or the Netherlands.

Visa application

For over 10 years we have arranged visas for ladies who find a partner via our agency. We will take this worry out of your hands. Application for a visa involves many different rules, but no visa application made by us has ever been refused.

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