Frequently asked questions

Why would I choose a Thai woman?

From the hundreds of interviews we have conducted over the past 15 years it has become clear to us that the majority of our clients prefer the – partially cultural – traits of Thai women over those of European women. A Thai woman is feminine, respectful, caring, loving and faithful. They are not very demanding. European women, our clients tell us, have very high expectations; they set standards they do not meet themselves.

What motivates the Thai women to come to Europe?

Almost 33 million women live in Thailand. They come from all layers of society, at every level with every possible form of education. This means an almost equal relationship between men and women. In the younger age group, however, the women outnumber the men. In part because of this, many Thai women look for a husband in Europe. It is often said that the only reason for this is improving their financial situation, but our experience has taught us that it often has to do with mutual respect, trust and faithfulness.

I see a lot of different women on your website; did you really find all of them yourself? does not actively recruit women in Thailand. Over the past 15 years we have worked as matchmakers between Thailand and European countries, and in this period we have created a very large network as well as a solid reputation in Thailand. We have built our reputation partially thanks to the positive responses and our successes of the past years. Mouth-to-mouth advertisement is still the best kind of advertisement, and benefits from this. All women have friends, acquaintances and family who all want to become as happy as the women we have matched over the past 15 years.

Why would I choose for your matchmaking service and not look for a woman on a dating site?

First of all there is a large difference between dating sites and matchmaking services. We mediate for you and guide you. This mediation also means that is for example informed on character traits, background, status and even the everyday life of the women registered with us. In addition to that, we also provide help where needed in the contact with your love. This can include translation of correspondence and support during meetings. also takes care of the visa application and you can let us book tickets, hotels and excursions, and on top of that we guarantee you a partner. Even when the matchmaking is done we have regular contact with the Thai women to assist them with a variety of things.

In addition to that you are in contact with only one Thai woman at a time when working with us, and the Thai woman is only in contact with a single man. On dating sites the women often receive responses from hundreds of men, making intensive contact near impossible.

I large percentage of the women on international dating sites is involved in swindle. This can mean self-enrichment ranging from a few euros to thousands of euros. Mediation and guidance means we protect you from this.

I heard Thai women always come to Europe for financial reasons.

This is definitely not the case. Thailand has a good economy which is one of the strongest in Asia. Women that are registered with have usually enjoyed education and they have a job or their own business. What they look for is first of all love and trust. None of the women registered at is working as or has worked as a barmaid.
Tip: never send money!!!

I could go to Thailand myself to find a woman could I not?

You can of course always do that. Everyone makes his own choices. However, Thai culture and customs are different from those in Europe. It is important that when you fall in love abroad you find out what the background intentions, wishes and expectations of your love are. We have done this for you and we can inform you on this. When her intentions would for example be different from what she makes you think finding out her real intentions could be a nasty surprise. Our contacts in Thailand do all they can to get this information for you and they send it to our office in Europe.

Is it not near impossible to have a foreign woman come over to Europe?

You are right in thinking the rules have become stricter. However, this does not mean it has become less possible. More is expected of the woman in Thailand. This cannot be a problem. All women that have thus far taken the basic naturalization exam via us have passed it. The women can also learn several European languages via our contacts.

I am looking for true love. Can I find it via mediation by your agency?

Yes, it is what we do. We match you with a Thai woman. Our Thai women focus on character. They of course like honest, well-groomed and reliable men.

Will I have problems with the difference in culture?

There are of course cultural differences just like all people are different. A relationship benefits from looking for characteristics that bind. When you see the positive characteristics, contact is much more pleasant. Both in personal conversations as well as during the meeting trip we show you as much of Thai culture as possible. This can give you an insight in the life of your future partner and help you understand her better. We do of course also inform the Thai women about the culture and customs in Europe. Small inconveniences that occasionally emerge at the beginning are often the result of misunderstandings or a lack of knowledge. We help, advice and guide you and we provide aftercare to work on the right solution.

Do all women on your site come to Europe?

Mostly the women come over to Europe, but nowadays we see more and more men migrate to Thailand. To the women it is often all the same, they are concerned with love, the serious relationship, the respect and the trust. They are less concerned with the place in which the future couple will live.

Are all Thai women religious?

All women you see on our site have a Buddhist background. This does not mean all of these women are equally religious. It differs per woman. They also differ in how they practice Buddhism, as one is more religious than the other. However, their background has taught all of them how to treat other people with respect.

Does it often happen that a woman would like to return to Thailand?

The Thai women all know to some degree what they can expect and they have consciously chosen to spend their lives with a European man. Since the nineties of the past century we match Thai women and European men. Up to this day it has not happened that a woman was homesick and wanted to return to Thailand because of this.

Sometimes you see large age differences between European men and their Asian women. What is this like with Thai women?

Every woman is different, and this also applies to Thai women. The women do of course choose their own partner as well. To Thai women, character and experience of life are important characteristics. Age difference usually plays no role in this. It is important that it is possible to work on a serious relationship based on trust and love.

Is language a problem in getting to know a Thai woman via your agency?

In the area most of the women are from basic education includes the basics of English. Some of them even speak reasonable or good English. If language proves to be a problem our contacts can teach the women the European language in question. During your stay with us in Thailand will support you with translation where needed.

Is it important that I visit Thailand myself?

Interest in each other’s background is important for the success of every relationship. We therefore recommend to everyone to travel to Thailand. In addition to that it is also a lot easier to apply for a visa when you have met each other in Thailand. There are of course always situations in which it is not possible to travel to Thailand. In that case we will make sure the woman of your choice travels to Europe, even without you having visited Thailand.

When can I travel to Thailand to meet the woman of my choice?

Thailand is near the equator. Because of this, the weather in Thailand is always what we consider to be great weather. This makes it possible to travel to Thailand any time of year. First you will get to know the woman of your choice through correspondence. If this leads to a feeling of being in love there is a good chance you will connect during the first meeting. The woman of your choice really appreciates it when you choose to visit her. By doing this, you show you really care about her and that you are really interested in her, her culture and her background.

Is a registration only valid for a certain period?

No. works with a partner guarantee. We have no time limits and our methods ensure success. Everyone who registers succeeds.

How much time does a meeting trip to Thailand take? recommends two weeks. Every meeting is of course different. Our advice is based on experience and the average. When you can only afford to come for a week we recommend you return later to continue getting to know the woman of your choice. It is of course you who decides how much time you have and when you can visit.

How do I communicate with the woman of my choice?

You can communicate and correspond with your love in various ways. You can write in the Dutch or English language. For the women, it is easiest to communicate in their own language. We translate the women’s letters to Dutch or the language of your choice and we translate your letters to Thai. It is of course also possible to communicate via Skype or msn and when possible even with a webcam.

Can I also meet Thai women that are in Europe?

Yes, this is certainly possible. The women on the website regularly visit Europe on a holiday. In addition to that, several Thai women live in Europe. For getting to know one another and for the visa application it is also important to visit Thailand.

What is a personal interview like?

The interview is a pleasant and relaxed conversation in which we explain our methods to you and in which we get to know you and find out what your preferences are. In addition to that we discuss for example culture, adaptability, character and your wishes.

Can take care of the visa application for my Thai girlfriend?

Yes. For over 10 years we have taken care of the visa for the women that find a partner via our agency. We make sure you do not have to worry about this. There are a lot of rules that have to be kept in mind, but visa applications with our assistance have so far always been accepted.

You also arrange tickets to Thailand. What kind of flights are those?

The tickets we book are always non-stop. The flight from Amsterdam Airport to Thailand takes approximately 11 hours. The prices vary depending on the season, the place of departure and the airline. The period in which you travel largely determines the price. During the low season the price of a ticket will be between € 700,- and € 850,- . In the high season you can expect prices to be between € 850,- and € 1,100,- .

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